Friday, 3 November 2017

November 2017 Clarity Groovi Challenge - Christmas Time

Hi Groovi-babies
I thought this month I would prepare an inspirational piece using my newly learned parchment skills.  It's a great journey to be on, especially with the Pergamano experts on-board at Clarity - A big shout-out and "thank you" to Rosie Cotterell, Linda Williams & Tina Cox.  Having met these ladies at the Clarity Open Day & Ally Pally, they are so lovely and always willing to help out if you have any questions - Very inspirational ladies they are!
A huge big thank you to Barbara too - if Clarity hadn't come up with the Groovi system, I never would have attempted parchment, but now I have a new-found crafting passion!
I enjoyed making this Christmas card and hope you get some ideas & inspiration from it so that you can create a piece of artwork using the Clarity & Pergamano goodies to enter this month's competition?
Ingredients: (see below for links)
Lightwave (in my opinion, a necessity when using the beautiful coloured parchment)
Rainbow River designer parchment and paper
Groovi or Pergamano tools for embossing & shading
Groovi Framework Squares
Groovi Nested Square and small alphabet plate
Jayne Nestorenko Winter scene sled plate
Square piercing plate
Scissors (of your choice - mine are the Pera cutters)
Mat for embossing and colouring
8x8 blank greeting card
So firstly, choose a beautiful piece of the new coloured parchment - this came from the Rainbow River pad. Emboss four squares from the Framework Squares plate onto the side saturated with ink - the largest of each of four squares first, then the second largest inside each square.
Take the large Nested Square plate and emboss a large square to frame the whole piece to make it look like a window frame.

Emboss Jayne's scene into the lower half of the frame, with a few tree branches in the upper half, making sure that you avoid the embossed frame as you work across the parchment.
Emboss snow onto the scene using the largest No. 6 ball tool or the Pergamano 12mm Shader and leave it to rest while you create the outer frame from the Nested Square plate to decoupage over the artwork to create the 3D effect.  Do this on a piece of plain parchment.  Emboss a pattern onto it from the Farmhouse Texture plate to give a wood-effect then colour it in on the reverse using either the Perga Colours Exclusive or Distress Marker pens.
Pierce round the trees and hills and also the window frames using the basic straight square piercing plate from the front.  Cut out using your chosen scissors or cutters - I used the Perga Cutters to picot cut, but use whatever your preference is for the cutting. 
Take the contrasting designer paper to the piece of parchment you've chosen and place the picot cut parchment scene over the paper so that you can get the moon mask in the correct place.  Lift the parchment and stipple the moon in place through the mask using a blending tool with either Versamagic Cloud White ink or white acrylic paint.  Add some snow with either a white pen, or the end of the No. 1 Groovi tool if you're using acrylic paint.

Assemble the artwork by using a glue runner around the edge of the designer paper to attach it to an 8x8 base card, then use the glue runner to attach the snow scene in place. Use foam pads on the large frame to create the 3D effect on top of the base artwork.

Hope you are inspired by this piece and the other Design Team ladies so that you can join in this month?
The winner will be chosen by Barbara at the beginning of December and will win a £50 Clarity Voucher to spend on anything on the Clarity website

I look forward to seeing all your artwork when you load your photos onto the pinned post at the top of the Groovi Worldwide Facebook page.  (If you have any problems finding where to enter, shout out to the lovely Groovi community, or any of the design team or Clarity folk at head office, there'll always be someone more than willing to help you).

You have until midnight on 30th November to load your photo.  I look forward to seeing all the entries.....Good luck to you all xxx


  1. This is fantastic. Like you, I love the Groovi system and am learning more and more. I just need to be more adventurous with my designing.


  2. Hi Roz - It's such fun isn't it.
    I think once I'd mastered the picot cutting, I applied some of my stamping techniques and they combine together so well with some really great results.
    The Groovi Worldwide FB page is a fantastic place to share ideas with everyone.....we'll all soon be experts!
    Thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend x

  3. Such a clever design, I must try this out, thank you for such fantastic inspiration xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa. Appreciate you paying my blog a visit.
      Have fun coming up with a creation for the Challenge.
      Look forward to seeing your entry xxx

  4. Lovely job. Jaynes plate looks good out the window x

    1. Thank you for paying me a visit Jane. Much appreciated, and glad you like the card x