Sunday, 22 March 2015

Gelli-plate meets Cellotape!

Hi everyone....
Well yesterday, Peter was out golfing, so I sat and watched some tutorials on YouTube about Gelli-Art and discovered the "Gelli plate & packaging tape" method and I must say I'm very pleased with the results I got today.  The photos don't really do the end result justice, so if you fancy having a go, I can highly recommend it so that you can see for have to have lots of patience for the drying time if you use open acrylics like I did for the base colours! Here we go.......

Using a clarity brush & the open acrylics, brush them randomly and blend them on the Clarity mat & lay the Gelli plate onto it, leaving one of the Perspex sheets  on the top of it as you need to lay it down after pulling off the mat.

Pull the Gelli plate from the Clarity mat and lay Perspex-side down......then the fun starts.......

Brayer white acrylic paint onto your Clarity blending mat and dip anything you like the shape of into the wet quick though before it dries! For interest, I did the same with some gold acrylic too (did you notice I forgot to put the gold acrylic & flower stamp in the photo's?). 
Archival ink works well on this too, once the acrylics dry, you can stamp anything onto it with no transfer of the acrylic paint, so I used Ranger Olive Archival ink for the leaves.

Lay the wide Cellotape onto the Gelli-plate and press down well so that you can remove all the paint on each strip, (this would work well with the wide or narrow Cellotape).  Make sure that you use a craft mat under the Gelli-plate when you do this - don't put paper under the Gelli-plate as the ends of the tape will stick to it and you need these free to peel the tape off.

Peel off and lay sticky-side-up onto a piece of copy paper.......Bring on the Gilding Flakes and Perfect Pearls - wherever there's any sticky tape still exposed, choose where to put the Gilding Flakes and brush the remaining sticky areas with various contrasting Perfect Pearls.

Add a bit of Stampendous Fran-tage Silver Crushed Glass Glitter - make sure you press it flat though as you don't want any edges poking through the Cellotape!

I stuck the tape onto an old book page, but then decided it was wasted on there so I took it off.........

Looks much better stuck onto white card - to do this I used a glue tape runner across the card then stuck the tape to it - great borders!

Next projects will be to use these me thinks!
Have fun!!
Crafty love to all xxx


  1. This is wonderful piece of work would never thought or had the nerve to put cellotape near my gelli plate but it's worked and lovely effect xx

  2. Thank you Julie - fab results with this technique, I can recommend having a go at it!
    And with the Gelli-plate, I've seen some that are in a bit of a state and looking a bit un-loved, so I think they are quite forgiving for us busy crafters. Just give them a wash in soapy water and treat it with baby oil to replenish. Back to good-as-new in no time! x

  3. Wow, was not sure in the early stages but the end result just amazing. I agree looked much better on the white card. Fantastic will have to try this. xx

    1. Highly recommended Lynne - stick with's worth the wait! :-) x

  4. Looks wonderful, super technique thanks for sharing.

    1. I was impressed with it too Naomi - just have to watch that the ends of the tape don't get stuck to your fingers when you're putting the gilding flakes and perfect pearls on! :-) x

  5. Thanks for sharing Carole, it certainly gives a great effect. Will have to give thus a go. xx

  6. Was very easy Angela and came out very pretty. Will make a lovely border for a card in contrasting colours - haven't got round to using them yet :-) x